We're here to work around the customer to ensure that they have the best experience possible when using RW Plastics as their providers. We pride our selves among other things on customer satisfaction.


We ensure that the installation is planned correctly before commencing any work that can't be finished. This helps give you , the customer piece of mind and us as a company knowing that the job will be done properly.


Every job that we do we like to ensure the the security standards of the product were installing is not compromised by a poor fit. All of our engineers are highly trained to ensure that your not down by poor installation.


Our products can give you a re-assurance that the front door will be the last place a burglar or intruder will want to attempt to go through. Reinforced and highly rated for a reason, our products will give you piece of mind every time you close your door.

We make your homeFeel Safe & Secure

We don't want to feel uncomfortable in our own homes so we want to make you feel as safe and secure as we can by providing you with the best products and service possible.

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